What does an LA stoner’s Sunday best look like? Of course, there’s a wake and bake sesh, followed by a delicious breakfast. No Sunday in LA would be complete without a visit to the beach, after which you can make a nice dinner and watch some Sunday night football with your friends. The stoner’s Sunday best ends the way it began, with one more smoke sesh before bed to make sure you get enough rest for the upcoming week.

Discover Your Sunday Best

For most people, the ideal Sunday is filled with relaxation, good food, and maybe some quality time with friends and family. But, how exactly do you make that happen? 

Good Morning, Sunday

It’s always a good morning when you wake up in your Potent PJs. When you wake up in a good mood, you tend to stay in a good mood. You can make sure to keep the good vibes going by taking a puff from your Potent pre-roll or pen. The hybrid strain, Muse, is a good way to ease into the morning, without overwhelming yourself too early. From there, you can get into your favorite Sunday activities, if you can get yourself up and out of the comfort of your bed!

Sunday Scaries

Time for the most important meal of the day. It’s important to make yourself a filling breakfast to keep your Sunday best going throughout the whole day. Some scrambled eggs and waffles can satisfy your munchies, and keep your mind and body happy to combat the stress of the upcoming week. After breakfast it’s time for another smoke sesh; Potent’s Sativa strain, Amplify, can get your energy up and get you ready to fully take on your Sunday. With this energy, you may want to take a nice, relaxing drive down the Pacific Coast Highway. Maybe you’ll even end up at the beach with your feet in the water. Doing something chill like this can help ease those Sunday scaries that we have all been too familiar with at one point or another. Listen to the ocean and feel the water running over your feet, and push all of the looming thoughts of Monday right out of your head. Just don’t forget to grab your Potent crossbody bag and fill it with all of your smoking essentials before you head out.

Sunday Dinner Ideas

There’s a lot of different ways you can go about making your perfect Sunday dinner. If you know you’re gonna be feeling a little lazy in the evening, you can utilize the energy you had from smoking your Amplify Sativa earlier in the day and put something together in a slow cooker after eating your breakfast. Your dinner could be ready to eat by the time you make it home from your drive, all you’ll need to do is dish it out and dig in! You can also opt for an easy recipe to throw together when you get home, like a one-pot pasta dish. If a healthy dinner is your top priority, you could grill up some veggies to make fajitas or tacos, just toss whatever veggies you have in a skillet with some seasoning and heat a few tortillas. Or, you could easily throw together a nice, crisp salad with your favorite dressing.

Sunday Football Night

For a lot of people, Sunday night football is something to look forward to all week. The game can be even more exciting when you have people to watch it with, so pass around a Potent pre-roll and cheer for your favorite team with your friends. Going back to the Sunday dinner, a slow-cooker chili would be great for this occasion. Or, if you’re more introverted, watch the game solo and keep the whole preroll for yourself.

Late Night Smoke Session

The perfect way to end your happy Sunday is with one more smoke session. Before bed is the perfect time for Potent’s Indica strain, Offline. Some people might like to make this their last sesh of the night with their friends, and some might prefer to smoke it in bed right before lights out. This will give you a euphoric relaxation sensation and allow you to have sweet dreams through the night. Naturally, Potent’s Indica will wind you down and help you get a good night’s sleep so you can wake up well-rested on Monday morning. 

Final Thoughts

We hope this guide helps you discover your own personal Sunday best, whether you look forward to waking up and making a big breakfast, or you’re more excited about watching a football game with your friends in the evening. No matter how you like to spend your Sunday, Potent’s comfortable outfits and different strains of weed can enhance relaxation and add comfort to your experience.