Joints are one of the most traditional ways to smoke marijuana. Their use dates as far back as the 1800s, and they were quite popular among the hippies of the 1960s and 1970s. But, most people will say that they aren’t very easy to put together on your own. Recently, cannabis suppliers have made it much simpler to smoke joints by selling them pre-rolled and ready to smoke for the customer’s convenience. 

Pre-rolls aren’t the only development that has come about to make the stoner’s life easier. Vaping is another trendy and very modern way for people to smoke cannabis. A vape, which is the tool used for vaping, contains cannabis concentrates that it heats up, and those concentrates become a smokable vapor, so no lighter or other accessories are needed. 

But, how do vaping and smoking compare and contrast to one another?

Vaping vs. Smoking

The key similarity between vaping and smoking is a rather simple one; they are both ways to consume cannabis. Further, they are both ways of inhaling cannabis, in contrast to ingesting it through food or using it topically. When you vape, you inhale the vapor into your lungs, and when you smoke from a joint, you inhale smoke. 

Both mediums can have varying percentages of THC, which affects how high you will get. Most strains of weed can be found in both flower and vapes. Typically when shopping, you’ll find that vape cartridges and flower will have a similar variety of options; but you will also find that vapes tend to have a much higher THC percentage than flower. This is why vapes provide a high that may feel different than the high that comes from smoking a joint. Vaping will result in a stronger, more concentrated high than smoking.

Benefits of Pre-rolls

Pre-rolls are the easiest way to smoke flower. You buy them ready to smoke, so you don’t have to deal with grinding up your flower or meticulously rolling your own joint. You can take your pick of the strain as well. 

Whether you smoke a pre-roll that is Indica or Sativa, you will typically get a more mellow version of that high than you would with vaping, which many people prefer. If you smoke an Indica pre-roll, you’ll feel a calm relaxation, and if you smoke a Sativa pre-roll, you’ll feel sort of upbeat, and you’ll probably feel a nice increase in creativity. 

Depending on how much you smoke, the high from smoking will typically last longer than the high from vaping. On top of that, pre-rolls are very natural, especially if they are premium pre-rolls made with a natural kind of rolling paper. This means they will be relatively easy on the lungs.

Benefits of Vaping

Vaping is generally the most convenient way to smoke. Since you are inhaling vapor instead of actual smoke, vaping won’t produce a strong smell that will stick in the air or on your person, plus you don’t have to deal with ash. 

You can even buy premium disposable vape pens, which are sold ready to smoke, so you don’t need to change out cartridges or deal with the mess of refilling wax. The vape itself is discreet to carry as most vapes are no bigger than a pen, which is why people commonly refer to vapes as “pens.” 

Since vapes contain cannabis concentrates, they will usually have a higher percentage of THC than flower does. This means you will get a strong high, though it doesn’t always last as long as the high from smoking flower. Of course, this depends on how much you smoke.

Vaping or Smoking: Which is Right for You

So, which medium of smoking is the right one for you? As we went over, there are several distinctions between vaping and smoking that are neither good nor bad but boil down to personal preference. 

For instance, do you prefer a more mellow high or an intense high? How long do you like your high to last? Do you prioritize consuming natural ingredients? Do you care about smelling like weed? 

You should keep these preferences in mind, and remember to refer back to this article the next time you can’t decide if you should buy a disposable vape or some pre-rolls.