Potent Luxury

The luxury cannabis lifestyle is all about embracing the true essence of ourselves. Potent Goods has always aimed to combine the cool, casual style of West Coast Streetwear with the hottest trends in the upscale cannabis market. Their luxury loungewear introduces a subtle high to your everyday existence. More than just a way to cover your body, street fashion from Potent Goods is tailored to inspire.

As a mother-son brand, Potent Goods is passionate about everything it creates. Already an established name on the luxury cannabis market, Potent Goods is proud to expand its brand with streetwear clothing made for the discerning. Elegant lines, beautiful textiles, and compelling prints set its styles apart from the mundane, everyday loungewear that usually hangs on the rack.

Every design from Potent Goods has a backstory. The brand’s founders have shared that they draw their inspiration from Japanese streetwear, European fashions, and West Coast styles. Classic California glamour is also an important influence for Potent Goods. The brand is inspired as much by the vibe of these looks as their physical appearance. After all, visuals are only one part of perception.

Down with the Mundane

Definitely refined but also relaxed, LA style is the epitome of California cool. Whether you lounge by yourself or take it out on the town with friends, luxurious comfort is the heart of Potent Goods loungewear. It’s always beautiful, never the same old thing. The designers have taken special care to ensure that each piece is perfect for everyday wear without getting stale. They believe that your clothing and accessory choices should help you appreciate the finer life every time you put them on.

Easing the mundane out of daily existence is something the discerning cannabis consumer knows about. You also know that not every head change is chemical. Subtle feelings and experiences impact where your head is. Being truly yourself in your loungewear helps create that shift in mind that chases away the mundane.

The True Look of Luxury

In the world of luxury cannabis, people often talk about the beauty of the subtle high. It’s that touch of euphoria that’s just waiting around the corner. It’s that gentle massage of the senses that makes you just a little bit more receptive to the magic around you. Potent Goods makes West Coast streetwear that helps you get to that place. Fashionable but decadently comfortable, each of these looks is made so that you feel good soaking up everything magical around you.

Potent Goods is a Los Angeles-based brand that loves invoking the classic Hollywood sensibilities that have shaped the city in its clothing designs. The brand brings old Hollywood glamour and cutting-edge Japanese street fashion together into unique, compelling designs that just feel different. After all, luxury loungewear isn’t just about gorgeous fabrics and comfort. The humans behind Potent Goods want you to feel empowered and beautiful when you wear their designs.

Embracing the Perfect Fit

Maybe you’ve never thought about how what you wear affects your day-to-day experiences. Potent Goods street fashions are designed to help you see past the mundane and into the euphoric. How? The clothing that you wear has an impact on all your senses. Your skin feels the texture. Your eyes see the design. Your nose can even smell the fabric.

Your loungewear and street fashion should also resonate with your heart. Potent Goods delivers luxurious fashions that awaken all the senses, including the heart and the mind. You can only look as good as you feel. Wearing fashions that allow you to experience the world more fully opens up your ability to truly glow from within.

Potent Goods is for Everyone

The team at Potent Goods thinks about gender differently too. Making clothes designed for only men or women just isn’t their style. Potent Goods offers streetwear clothing that lets you express yourself without feeling confined by all the labels. Gender-fluid style has long shaped the Japanese street fashion scene. Potent Goods wants to help cultivate that same diverse fashion environment in California and the rest of the nation too.