LA is one of the epicenters of fashion, along with New York and Paris. It has the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, as well as the call of the nightlife and its cool casual style. According to USA Today, if you want to dress as you live in LA you need to look casual, cool, and confident. As one of the first states to legalize marijuana, cannabis has been embraced in the lifestyle and through its fashion.

Although legal, there is still a stigma associated with marijuana use, despite clothing brands that give users ways of expressing themselves, such as sporting a 420, Bob Marley, or a leaf logo tee shirt. Now, there are many ways of expressing your freedom to use cannabis through fashion. It is not just an LA thing but a worldwide movement brought about through legalized marijuana use.

Marijuana fashion has also been embraced by high fashion. Mara Hoffman and Alexander Wang both featured cannabis leaf patterns in their designs. Jacquie Aiche features marijuana designs and motifs in her jewelry collections and her designs are sported by celebrities including Kendall Jenner and Rihanna. A trend emerged when A$AP Rocky, a rapper, wore an Adidas sweatshirt with a marijuana logo designed by Jeremy Scott.

Another stellar moment in high fashion occurred on the Paris runway when designers Victor and Rolf designed an A-line gown with a giant marijuana leaf at its middle and Amsterdam across the neck and shoulders. It must have been a moment of pride for Amsterdam and cannabis enthusiast worldwide because the creation went viral.

Marijuana fashion became mainstream when celebrities such as Miley Cyrus and Rihanna proudly displayed their leaf motifs. Fashion has always followed the trends of entertainers who are usually fashion-forward. Art Director Alexander Farnsworth has launched a cannabis line and shops in New York with fashion designer Adam Lippes. Farnsworth Fine Cannabis took eight years to develop and offers vintage accessories, an apparel line, and cannabis cigarettes. They hope to expand everywhere and have the first LGBTQ-owned brand in the industry.

Companies including 420, Sunday School, California Grassroots, and Stoner Brands are offering those who enjoy their freedom and are not ashamed to show it, the opportunity to express themselves, through their marijuana fashion. Many celebrity brands of cannabis have also come to the forefront, including Tommy Chong of Cheech and Chong fame, Snoop Dogg, and Seth Rogen. Mike Tyson also has a premium luxury brand of cannabis on the market. The marijuana market may be a little congested by brands. The cannabis culture embraces the lifestyle represented by Bob Marley and the current rap culture. Marijuana also represents a luxury market in premium cannabis and the right fashion to enjoy it in. There is active sportswear brand called Stigma sporting the cannabis leaf. I hope it helps to remove the stigma surrounding marijuana.

My brand, Potent Goods, is for the discreet user. It offers convenience, style and high quality cannabis as well as fashion as part of your comfortable lifestyle. After my great success with Juicy, I know I have customers who like the same things I like, want the same things I want. My new cannabis brand, Potent Goods, was created in collaboration with my 32 year old son Travis. His true vision was of a cigar bar lounge but because of regulations, we instead developed a more casual use approach to cannabis.

My brand is authentically me as a consumer and a designer. Casual and sophisticated, open and embracing, I love the way these clothes feel and the feel of the vape pen in my hand. I also love the really smooth smoke and really good high. Through our products, we represent our point of view, our perspective. After working 2 ½ years on developing this brand, we wanted to share the experience.

Our Potent Goods line offers apparel for each strain of cannabis. It contains unisex apparel including a windbreaker, mask, crossbody bag, and track pants designed to create a luxurious, sensual smoking experience. My luxury casual style features three custom prints, one for each strain. Offline is the Indica strain and its moody floral print has hints of cannabis leaf ties. Snake print corresponds with the Sativa strain called Amplify. Muse, the hybrid strain is a vibrant monogram of the logo Potent Goods or its initials. The line also includes a floor-length kimono in the Offline floral print and lounge pants to match.

Our high-quality cannabis brand can be purchased in a pack of 7 half-gram pre-rolled cigarettes created from hand-selected flowers. My all-in-one vaporizer is filled with premium extracts for those of us who want a discreet smoking experience. All the apparel features a pocket to keep your vape pen conveniently available. Through our partnership with, our products can be delivered to you all over the country. Our fashion can be found at We want you to enjoy your lifestyle and hope our strains and fashion can help you do that.

The power of fashion can even be felt on the internet where most people turned to find goods and services during the pandemic. The West Coast Streetwear brand run by 19-year-old Joe Hebert resells Nikes. The resell market is a billion-dollar industry. West Coast Streetwear is valued by sneakerheads looking to score the most exclusive offerings. Street fashion 12.1k likes mean that it leads the current trends. Designer Clothing Brands’ 4.4k views were racked up by those who have a love for designer clothing collections.

The internet continues to allow people to connect with the products and services we value most. The pandemic and restrictive regulations make the online space the perfect place to connect with those desiring luxurious, comfortable loungewear with their premium cannabis. It is how you can now experience Potent Goods. You can reach Potent Goods Premium Cannabis by ordering through