Relax with our OFFLINE Collection

In the social media-driven society we live in today, sometimes it can be hard to show ourselves as unique individuals. With that, we are always trying to express ourselves which will make us different from the next person or post by dressing differently, or changing our hair color, or just doing whatever it takes to be different. At the same time we try not to derive too far from who we really are so we have different components in our lives that make us who we are. 

The biggest way to express yourself is through clothing. And, to take it a step further we can match our daily interests to what we are wearing to make us feel complete, or some may call it an experience. 

POTENT GOODS has launched our OFFLINE clothing collection to enhance your smoking experience. All of the prints were chosen to match each strain and are also uniquely sophisticated. Each strain actually has its own print, for example, the OFFLINE Kimono and Lounge Pant was created with a moody, floral print and is paired with the most relaxing Indica strain. And might I add the kimono has the perfect dramatic, wide draping sleeves we all love and must have in our life.  This look will easily take us from day to night and give an overall balanced experience. 

The OFFLINE clothing collection is like luxurious streetwear with clear inspiration from California and Japanese street fashion. Each item can literally be worn by a male or female with both looking great. The Indica strain can also be paired with the MUSE tracksuit. For a night in or if you need to wind down from a night out, this is perfect to give the relaxing, soothing experience needed. 

The Perfect Pair

Every article of clothing in the OFFLINE collection was designed to give a sensual smoking experience. Any OFFLINE piece should be paired with Sativa pre-rolls or Sativa disposable vapes. The Sativa pre-rolls are for day or night, much like the clothing. Just like anything we wear can give a cerebral effect and change how we act and think, so does Sativa. Depending on the dosage it can either boost energy or give a more relaxing experience. The OFFLINE clothing collection combined with the Indica pre-rolls or Indica vape pen is the perfect look. With the Indica pre-rolls being made with OG Kush and LA Confidential, just like any OFFLINE clothing item, it’s a little bit street and a little bit of luxury. 

All of the smoking products at POTENT GOODS are customizable. Meaning we can custom fit the smoking experience to exactly who we are and to what our mood needs. What a great outlook to have when your clothing plays a part too!