Streetwear is a dominant fashion among today’s youth. The influence is worldwide and is not just confined to its origins in New York streets in the 1980s. It grew like a phoenix and revolutionized the fashion industry.

What is Streetwear Fashion?

Streetwear fashion has its roots in New York in the ’80s. The inspiration was drawn from skaters as well as hip-hop culture. This cool trend is an elegant mixture of sportswear, music, and street art influenced by rap culture, surfing, skateboarding, and the Rasta Movement.

It originated as a mark of simplicity and casualty. At its birth, it included baggy clothes, loosely fitted pants, large t-shirts, oversized sweatshirts and sneakers, and most importantly caps. Every war is not to be fought on a battlefield. Therefore, this movement was a mark of protest and rebellion to showcase the importance of youth.

This trend took the momentum and gained recognition worldwide. It is very visible in every environment. Though it has evolved its fashion style with contemporary youth, Streetwear Fashion is still dominating.  Now seeing the success of this fashion, many fashion designers are molding Street Fashion into the brands.

The Japanese Streetwear Fashion

If you are obsessed with iconic schoolgirl apparel or Kawaii aesthetic then you are already fond of Japanese Fashion. The Japanese Streetwear fashion we know today dates back to the 1980s and 1990s in the city of Tokyo. This was the time where even fashion was considered as a weapon to showcase your rebel. The Japanese Streetwear Fashion also took inspiration from the punk rap culture and skateboarders.

Japan as a country was considered to be a traditional one where elders were given importance and respect. But the Japanese Street Fashion became a symbol of the transfer of attention from elderly to youth. The young population now became independent of their decisions and choices. Hence, the country shifted its eye towards youth and their desires.

How did it start?

Like others, even Japanese Streetwear couldn’t escape from western influence. Japanese Streetwear is not a recent trend but has its lineage started several decades ago. This is the time after the Second World War and the collapse of the Rome-Berlin-Tokyo axis. So, during this time, American soldiers were still residing in Japan. This became a means of direct western influence over Japanese youth. Until now Japan was already under the clout of Western Culture and Capitalism. Hence, the intermixing of culture was meant to happen in Japan.


The young Japanese were defiant and non-conformist and were equally eager to stand up for themselves. Rather than violence, they chose fashion as their weapon. And as a result, they started moving away from their homes, family, and traditions. Young Adults in numbers flooded Uraha, a small neighborhood between Harajuku and Aoyama in Shibuya, Tokyo. 

Then, by the 90s the streets of Uraha were brimming with unnamed boutiques and shops. this can be considered as the heyday for this fashion style. Boutiques like NOWHERE and A Store Robot, and brands like UNDERCOVER, NEIGHBORHOOD, and WTAPS came to the forefront of this industry.

What now?

Japanese Streetwear has been a fashion trend since its inception. Whether it be Paris Fashion Week or New York Fashion Week, this very style of clothing has been at the forefront and has awestruck the world. The comfort and motif it offers add to its glory. Now there are many international brands full of this type of clothing line giving it a label. But at its heart, it is normal youth wear that is still blooming on the streets of Japan. Potent Goods hereby thinks the future of Japanese Streetwear Fashion is as bright as its products.